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Installation instructions
Residual gas: No smoking!
No open flames!
Assembly by a technician
Always read and follow the
installation instructions!
Always give the operating
instructions to the operator!
First installation
The nominal outlet pressure of
30 mbar must match the opera-
tional pressure of all gas-burn-
ing equipment installed in the
Making changes to the
gas system
If you must add a gas-burning
device or make any other chang-
es to the gas installation, then it
will be essential to re-establish
the functionality of SecuMotion
(see “Making sure the gas flow
monitor is working properly”).
Installing and connecting
the regulator
95 mm
140 mm
The regulator system should be
installed so that the type plate is
legible and the gas flow monitor
knob is visible and easy to access.
Installation example
– Close extraction valve.
– Screw the screw fitting (G.5)
of the regulator inlet to the
extraction valve.
– After the lock nuts have been
tightened, the pressure control
device may not be turned any
more as this could lead to
leaking connections again.

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