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How to proceed if ...
...you want to
correctly care for
and clean your
Clean the filter at the end of
every cycle.
Open the door.
Pull the filter upwards.
•Open the filter.
Brush lint using a soft brush or your
Close the filter.
Push the filter back into place.
Empty the water container at
the end of each drying cycle.
Pull the handle to remove the water
Empty the water container.
Replace the water container when empty
by pushing it
back in place.
Clean the heat exchanger at
least every month.
(For further information see
chapter “Heat Exchanger” in
the Instructions for Use).
Remove fibres in and around the water
evacuation hole at least once per month.
...you want to
check the dryer
yourself first:
(If your machine is
not functioning
correctly, please
check the following
points before phoning
for the customer
service – also refer to
relevant chapter in
the instructions for
Drying takes too long / laundry
is not dry enough
Has the correct drying programme been
Was the inserted laundry too wet
(washing machine spin speed less than
1000 rpm)?
Is the lint filter dirty (filter indicator light on)?
Is the heat exchanger dirty? (for more
information, refer to the instructions for use)
Is the room temperature too high?
Are the “End” “ and “Anticrease”
” indicator lamps lighting up?
The drying cycle is complete and the
laundry can be taken out.
The dryer will not operate
(after a power failure, always
press the “Start (Pauze)”
Is the plug properly inserted into the
mains electricity socket?
Is there a power failure?
•Has the fuse blown?
Is the door properly closed?
Has a drying programme been selected?
•Has the
“Start (Pauze)”
button been
Lint filter, water container or
heat exchanger indicator
lamps on.
Is the lint filter clean?
Is the water container empty?
Has the water container been inserted
Is the heat exchanger clean?
Water droplets underneath
the dryer.
Has the heat exchanger been inserted
Has any fluff on the heat exchanger seal
been wiped away?
Has any fluff on the door seal been
wiped away?
Has the water container been inserted
Replacing the drum light bulb
(if supplied).
If the inside lamp does not work, the
bulb may be faulty.
•Unplug the dryer.
Open the door and unscrew the glass
cover inside the drum.
Replace the faulty bulb with a new one
and screw the glass cover back on.
Replacement bulb: Philips 15W,
230/240V, E14.
All programme sequence
indicators blinking.
Service call necessary.
If the fault is still present once the above checks have been undertaken or should the fault occur for a second time, switch the
machine off. Please contact your after-sales service representative (for more information, refer to the warranty manual).
Please have the following details ready when calling your after-sales service representative:
the nature of the fault.
the dryer type and model.
the service code (the number after the word Service on the adhesive
rating plate) on the right-hand side when the door is open.
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