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  • Pri prenosu z PC W10 mi hraje jen jeden kanál. Z PC jdou oba, pri propojení šnurou také. Submitted on 6-7-2023 at 08:27

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  • Please can anybody respond to the problem posed on 20-9-2021?
    I have precisely the same problem; however, in my case, I have left the equipment “charging” for 24 hours.
    I think that we would both be happy to receive some advice, for which I send many thanks. Submitted on 24-11-2021 at 03:59

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  • I've been charging the battery for about 7 hours only the red and amber lights come on and the charge indicator switches itself , not sure if the unit is fully charged as green battery light on comes on very dim , can anyone please advised Submitted on 20-9-2021 at 00:38

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Product: Vonyx AP1500PA

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