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Read the instructions, keep them safe, pass them on if you pass the coffee maker on.
Remove all packaging, but keep it in case you ever need to return the coffee maker.
important safeguards
Follow basic safety precautions, including:
1 The coffee maker must only be used by or under the supervision of a responsible
adult. Use and store the coffee maker out of reach of children.
2 Don’t put the coffee maker in liquid, don’t use it in a bathroom, near a
source of water, or outdoors.
3 Sit the coffee maker on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface.
4 The scald hazard lasts long after boiling. Keep the coffee maker and cable away from
the edges of worktops.
5 Steam will collect under the lid. To avoid the risk of scalding, don’t open the lid till
the coffee maker has cooled.
6 Check that the lid is properly closed before using the coffee maker.
7 Take care when pouring – don’t over-tilt the carafe.
8 Don’t connect the coffee maker to an external timer or remote control system.
9 Don’t touch hot surfaces e.g. carafe or hotplate. Use the handle and grip.
10 Route the cable so it doesn’t overhang and can’t be caught or tripped over
11 Unplug the coffee maker when not in use, before moving or cleaning. Let it cool
down before cleaning and storing away.
12 Fill the coffee maker from a jug or the carafe, not directly from the tap.
13 Don’t fill the coffee maker above the max mark.
14 Put the carafe on the hotplate before brewing.
15 To stop the coffee maker, press the [ button. The light beside the button will go out.
16 Before adding water, or reusing the coffee maker, let it cool for 10 minutes, to avoid
17 Don’t use the coffee maker for any purpose other than those described in these
18 Don’t put the carafe in a microwave oven.
19 Don’t try to reposition the carafe handle. You risk breaking the glass.
20 Keep the coffee maker, carafe, and cable away from hotplates, hobs, and burners.
21 Don’t use accessories unless we provide them.
22 Don’t use the coffee maker if it’s damaged or malfunctions.
23 If the cable or plug is damaged, return the coffee maker, to avoid hazard.
household use only
before using for the first time
Fill the reservoir to the max mark with water, and run the coffee maker without coffee.
When it’s finished, discard the hot water and clean the coffee maker.
1 Sit the coffee maker on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface.
2 Route the cable so it doesn’t overhang, and can’t be tripped over or caught.
3 Don’t plug it in yet.

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