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Guide d’installation et d’utilisation
À lire attentivement et à conserver pour consultation ultérieure

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    Modèle ASPEN / MALIBU / MONTANA Guide d’installation et d’utilisation À lire attentivement et à conserver pour consultation ultérieure ...
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    WARNING EN The disrespect of the instructions of use and maintenance may provoke serious risks for health, in particular that of the children. The safety of your children is left on your hand! The risk is the highest for children aged below 5. Be high alert all the time. Keep an eye on and practice the following instructions: - The children should be under close and constant supervision; - Designate one security responsible; - Strengthen supervision if there are several users in the pool; - Teach your children how to swim as soon as possible; - Wet the nape, chest and legs before entering the water; - Learn the safety gestures and especially the specifics to children; - Prohibit diving and jumping; - Prohibit running, splashing games around the pool; - Do not let an unattended child who does not swim use the pool with no life-jackets on; - Do not leave any players around and in the basin unattended; - Always keep the water treatment products out of reach of all chil ...
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    For ASPEN / MALIBU / MONTANA spa Installation and user’s manual Read carefully and keep it for later reference ...
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    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For your own safety and that of your product, make sure to following the safety precautions below. Fail to follow the instruction may result in serious injury, property damage or death. Improper installation or operation will void the warranty. Read, understand and follow all instructions: DANGER Risk of accidental drowning: - Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children. - Inspect the spa cover regularly for leak, premature wear and tear, damage or signs of deterioration. Never use a worn or damaged cover: it will not provide the level of protection required to prevent unsupervised access to the spa by a child. - Always lock the spa cover after each use. Risk of injury: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Risk of Electric Shock: - Do not permit any electrical appliances, such as a light, telephone, r ...
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    In order to avoid the possibility of hyperthermia (heat stress) occurring it is recommended that the average temperature of spa-pool water should not exceed 40°C (104°F). - Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage during the early months of pregnancy, pregnant or possibly pregnant women should limit spa water temperatures to 38°C (100°F). - Before entering a spa or hot tub the user should measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of water temperature regulating devices varies. EN - The use of alcohol, drugs or medication before or during spa use may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility or drowning. - The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication can greatly increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in spas. The causes and symptoms of hyperthermia may be described as follows: Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of body reaches a level several degrees above the normal body tempera ...
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    1. Specifications 1.1. Specifications ASPEN 4 persons MONTANA / MALIBU MONTANA / MALIBU 4 persons 6 persons SP-ASP130 SP-MTA135 / SP-MBU135 SP-MTA165 / SP-MBU165 4 persons 4 persons 6 persons Dimension (outer) 66.1″ × 66.1″ × 27,6″ 168 × 168 × 70 cm Ø 68.9″ × 27,6″ Ø 175 × 70 cm Ø 80.3″ × 27,6″ Ø 204 × 70 cm Dimensions (inner) 50.3″ × 50.3″ × 27,5″ 128 × 128 × 70 cm Ø 51.8″ × 27,5″ Ø 130 × 70 cm Ø 62.9″ × 27,5″ Ø 160 × 70 cm Water capacity 700 L 700 L 930 L Power supply 220-240 V 50 Hz 220-240 V 50 Hz 220-240 V 50 Hz Heater 1500 W 1500 W 1500 W Air blower 650 W 650 W 650 W 40 W (1200 L/h) 40 W (1200 L/h) 40 W (1200 L/h) Max heat temperature 42°C 42°C 42°C Material PVC PVC PVC Net weight 23.8 kg 23.6 kg 25.0 kg Gross weight 25.8 kg 25.6 kg 28.0 kg 24,4″ x 18,5 ″ x 21,6″ 62 x 47 x 55 cm 24,4″ x 18,5 ″ x 21,6″ 62 x 47 x 55 ...
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    2. Package list 2.1. Package list Ensure to check all parts are present: EN Inflatable Structure Pump unit Top cover Base protector RCD Plug 10mA Filter cartridge Airflow valve Drainage cap Drain hose Inflating hose Filter sleeve Caps (x2) Repair Kit Pump unit connectors (x3) In order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of your spa, an instruction DVD is included in this package. Our installation and maintenance videos are also available on our website www.netspa.eu. 25 ...
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    3. Installation The installation and maintenance instructions described in the following pages are also detailed on the DVD included. Our installation and maintenance videos are also available on our website www.netspa.eu. 3.1. Site selection WARNING : Before proceed to installation your spa, please make sure that the future location meets the following conditions : • A level place • Wide enough to support the pool and its pump unit. • Able to support more than 500 kg/m². • Sheltered from the sun and bad weather. • Clean and free from sharp objects. A place with an awning Clean the place A level place 3.2. RCD test WARNING: The RCD plug must be tested before each use.. Do not use if RCD test fails and see chapter 6.1. 1. Insert the plug into the power outlet. 26 2. Press the «RESET» button, 3. Press the «TEST» button, the indicator light turns red. the indicator light turns off. 4. Press the «RESET» button, the indicator light turns re ...
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    3.3. Assembling EN 1) Install the base protector to where you want to install your spa and pull out the straps. 2) Unfold the inflatable spa over the base protector. 3) Bring the pump unit to the inflatable spa. 4) Connect the inflation hose to the 5) Insert the inflation hose into the inflatable spa 6) Connect the pump unit then press the button to inflate the spa. pump on the socket . The air flow valve prevents your spa from over-inflating. 7) Inflate the inflatable spa for about 10 minutes. Ensure that the spa is firmly inflated. 8) Remove the inflation hose and screw the cap firmly in place. 9) Connect the unit pump to the pool using the 3 connectors to screw. Ensure the icons on the pump and the pool match up 10) Put the sock on the filter cartridge then screw it onto the lower suction inside the basin. 11) Ensure that the drain caps are properly closed before before filling the spa 12) Fill the spa pool until the ...
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    4. Usage 4.1. Control panel Screen Temperature units indicator Increase temperature Decrease temperature Temperature units selector Massage Filtration Heater 4.2. Functions Once powered-up, the LED displays the current water temperature automatically. The temperature units selector changes the temperature units from Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit degrees. Press the temperature adjustment buttons, then the screen will flash. When it is flashing, you can set the desired temperature. The value will increase or decrease 1 degree at once. The temperature could be set between 30°C to 42°C (86°F to 107°F). To lock or unlock the control panel, press increase and decrease buttons at same time and hold 3 seconds. Lock the control panel when you are away to prevent other people come to change your settings.. Press the massage button to activate the bubble massage system, the green indicator light turns on. It can be turned off by pressing it again. Note : - ...
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    Press the filter button to activate the water filtration. The green indicator light will turn on when the filtration system is activated. Note: - If massage function is on, the filtration can’t be activated. Press the heating button to activate water heating and filtering system at the same time. The green indicator light of filter and red indicator light of heating will turn on at same time The pump does not stop heating until the current water temperature reaches the set temperature; and the heating system will restart after the current water temperature drops 2°C below the set temperature automatically. Maximum heating temperature: 42°C (107°F) EN Important : When the filtering system has worked 150 hours accumulatively, buzzing will warn to remind you to clean the filter, at the same time, the light of the filtering function will flash. You can hold the filtering button 5 seconds to turn off the buzzing. The filtering system will turn off, you can press the butt ...
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    5. Maintenance 5.1. Water maintenance WARNING : A bad pool water quality can harm your health. Depending on the frequency and conditions of use: - The filter cartridge should be regularly cleaned (150 hours max.). - The filter cartridge should be replaced every 1 to 2 month. - The pool water should be changed every 15 to 30 days. Use a water test kit to control the parameters of the water before using the spa, or at least once a week. Use disinfection products for the spa. The treatment products should be used with caution and it is imperative to refer to their instructions. Damage resulting from improper use of treatment products is not covered by warranty (overdose, shock treatment, ...). 1. Water balance The water balance (pH) must be maintain between 7 and 7.4. 2. Water Sanitation To sanitize the pool water, we suggest using an active oxygen-based treatment or bromine placed in a floating dispenser. (Dispenser sold separately). 5.2. Cleaning and replacing filte ...
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    5.3. Drainage and storage Drainage 1 Check the stopper on the bottom of the pool and the drain cap. 2 Unscrew the drain cap. 3 Connect the drainage hose. 4 Remove the stopper on the bottom of the pool. Completely drain all water from the spa pool. Once empty, the pool can be cleaned with soap and water. 1 2 3 EN 4 Storage 5 Press the bubbling button to blow out the water inside the jet holes. Unplug the pump, remove the filter cartridge from the inner wall of the pool. 6 Use a towel to wipe off the pool, dry 24 hours. 7 Unscrew the valves to deflate the pool. 8 Fold the pool. It is recommended that store the SPA in its original package in a warm dry place. 5 6 7 8 5.4. Repair kit Little holes or puncture can be repaired with the repair kit included and glue reserved to pool liner. 1. Find the leak. 2. Thoroughly clean the area surrounding the leak. 3. Cut a piece of repair material in round shape, which should be larger than the damage ...
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    6. Trouble shooting 6.1. Troubleshooting Here are some useful tips to help you to diagnose and rectify common sources of trouble. Problem Cause Control panel screen does not operate Solution Power failure Check power source Call for service if it does not reset Temperature set is too low SPA pump does not Filter Cartridge is dirty heat properly Too low water level Bubble massage system does not work Reset the RCD plug / Check if the wiring system is adapted to the power of the pump unit (1540W) Set to a higher temperature Clean or Replace the cartridge (see chapter 5.2) Fill water to minimum water level Heating element defective Call for service Pump is overheating Cut off the power and wait until the pump has cooled. Auto shut-down feature (30min) is activated Press the bubble button to reactivate Malfunction of the pump unit Call for service if it does not reset Filter Cartridge is dirty Clean or Replace the cartr ...
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    6.2. Return procedure In case of malfunction, please contact the customer service center NetSpa by connecting to the following address: http://support.netspa.eu After verifying your information, and an online diagnosis of your spa one of our representatives will contact you to provide you indicated the procedure. If necessary, we will ask you to return the pump unit of your spa for a complete diagnosis and repair. EN The procedure described below is also detailed on the DVD included. 1) Disconnect the spa 2) Do not empty the pool by screwing the caps inside the pool 3) Unscrew the three connectors from the pump unit. 4) Empty the remaining water within the pump unit. 5) Pack appropriately the pump unit in its original packaging including your return authorization. 6) Ship the pump unit. 7) After a complete diagnosis in our center, you will receive the replacement pump unit. 8) Connect the unit pump to the pool using the 3 connectors to screw. En ...
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    7. WARRANTY 7.1. Warranty NetSpa products have been inspected and found free of defects prior to leaving the factory. NetSpa warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase and NetSpa requires presentation of the original proof to purchase to ascertain the date. During the warranty period, NetSpa will either repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective products. Replacement products or repaired parts will be warranted for only the unexpired portion of the original warranty. Shipping cost policy The return of defect parts to the authorized service center is at the charge of the owner. On warranty period, the return is at the charge of service center. Warranty policy ● This limited warranty does not apply to any defect resulting from negligence, accident, misuse, or other reason beyond NetSpa’s reasonable control, included but not limited to: normal wear and tear, negl ...
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    EN 35 ...
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