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could be at the open end of the pipe, at a bend or elbow, or where there is a dip in the pipe in which
condensate can collect. The location of the blockage should be identified as closely as possible
before taking further action.
2. Apply a hot water bottle, microwaveable heat pack or a warm damp cloth to the frozen blockage area.
Several applications may have to be made before it fully defrosts. Warm water can also be poured
onto the pipe from a watering can or similar. Do NOT use boiling water.
3. Once the blockage is removed and the condensate can flow freely, reset the appliance. (Refer to
reset procedure”)
4. If the appliance fails to ignite, call a qualified and competent Gas Installer.
Preventative Steps
During cold weather, set the CH control knob “C to maximum, (return to original setting once cold
spell is over)
Place the heating on continuous and turn the room stat down to 15ºC overnight. (Return to normal
after cold spell).
Apply insulation around the condensate pipe as it leaves the boiler until it reaches its end under the
Escape of gas
Should a gas leak or fault be suspected contact the Gas Supplier without delay. TURN OFF ALL GAS
Do NOT search for gas leaks with a naked flame.
Do NOT operate any electrical switches.
The appliance should be serviced at least once a year by a qualified and competent Gas Installer.
Gas Supply
This boiler will only operate on Propane gas supplied via a 37mbar regulator. The designation for this gas
is I3P and G31.
Butane, butane/propane mixes and automotive LPG are not suitable for this boiler.
In addition the boiler requires a minimum of a 47kg propane bottle in order to work correctly and a
minimum regulator size of 3.5kg/hour.
Water Supply Pressure
The cold water supply pressure to the boiler must exceed 0.8 bar in order to work at full power. The boiler
will work at lower water pressures but the hot water temperature will be lower. The boiler will not ignite
below cold water flow rates of 2 litres per minute.
Shower Mixer or Mixer Taps
A very common problem that causes poor hot water delivery is damage to mixer taps or shower mixers
caused by frost damage. The damage to the mixers is internal and so there are no leaks visible. The
problem is caused by the cold water mixing with the hot water in an uncontrolled manner within the mixer.
This gives the impression that the boiler is at fault. It is simple to check if the problem is with the mixers:
Turn off the cold water supply to the caravan
Disconnect the 15mm hot water pipe underneath the caravan, directly below the boiler cupboard. Do
not disconnect the larger 22mm pipe which is part of the central heating system.
Place a bucket under the pipe
Turn on the cold water supply to the caravan
Hot water should now flow out of the pipe under the boiler into the bucket
If this water is hot, it proves that the problem is caused by damaged mixer taps or shower mixer
Replace the mixer tap that is damaged to solve the problem

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