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During normal operation the “burner on” indicator (E) in the Boiler Controls diagram) will remain
illuminated when the burner is lit.
Note: If the boiler fails to light after five attempts the fault code “L-2” will be displayed. Refer to the fault
finding section on page 8 of this user manual.
Pre-heat is enabled if the pre-heat indicator (F) in the Boiler Controls diagram is visible. To switch pre-
heat on or off move the DHW/Pre-heat control knob (B) fully clockwise and then return it to the required
DHW temperature setting.
Reset Procedure
To reset boiler after a fault has been detected, turn the mode control knob (A) fully clockwise to the reset
position and immediately turn knob back to required setting. The boiler will repeat the ignition sequence if
heating or domestic hot water is required. If the boiler still fails to light consult a qualified and competent
Gas Installer.
Winter conditions - CH and HW required.
Ensure the mode control knob (A) is set to winter ( )
If heat is demanded by the optional room thermostat and/or mechanical 24 hour timer the boiler will fire
and supply heat to the radiators but will give priority to DHW if any tap or shower is used.
Summer conditions - HW only required.
Set the mode control knob (A) to summer ( ).
Turn the CH control knob (C) fully anti-clockwise.
Note. The pump will operate briefly as a self-check once every 24 hours, regardless of where the control
knobs are positioned.
Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control
The DHW temperature is limited by the boiler controls to 64
C maximum. This will only apply when a
low flow rate through the boiler occurs. A more typical temperature is 45° C but this can be increased
by turning the DHW temperature control knob (B) to max and reducing the flow of water from the hot
Central Heating Temperature Control
The radiator temperature is adjustable between 80
C and 45ºC via the CH control knob (C).
The boiler is a high efficiency combination boiler which is most efficient when operating in condensing
mode. The boiler will operate in condensing mode if the CH control knob (C) is set to the “e” position
(economy mode). This control knob should be turned fully clockwise in very cold weather.
To shut down the boiler
Turn the mode control knob (A) to OFF
To relight the boiler
Repeat the procedure detailed earlier in ‘To light the boiler’.

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