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55 General5Specifications
TV format: ATSC / NTSC-M TV standard
Closed caption system:
§15.122 / FCC (digital CC)
§15.119 / FCC (analog CC)
Channel coverage (ATSC / NTSC):
Terrestrial VHF: 2~13 UHF: 14~69
CATV 2~13, A~W,
W+1~W+94 (analog W+1~W+84),
A-5~A-1, 5A
Tuning system: Channel frequency synthesized tuning system
Channel access: Direct access keyboard,
Programmable scan, and up / down
Discs (playback compatibility):
DVD-video, DVD-RW/-R,
audio CD, CD-RW/-R
Frequency response:
DVD (linear sound): 20 Hz to 20 kHz (sample rate: 48 kHz)
20 Hz to 44 kHz (sample rate: 96 kHz)
CD: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N ratio):
CD: 90 dB (JEITA)
Total distortion factor:
DVD: 1 KHz 0.007% (JEITA)
CD: 1 KHz 0.007% (JEITA)
55 Electrical5Specification
Audio Output: 10W, 8Ω x 2
Designs and specications are subject to change without notice and without
our legal obligation.
If there is a discrepancy between languages, the default language will be
55 Other5Specifications
Antenna Input: VHF / UHF / CATV 75Ω unbalanced (F-type)
Audio Input: RCA jack (L/R) x 6 500mV rms
Video Input: RCA jack x 1 1V p-p (75Ω)
S-Video Input: Mini DIN 4-pin jack x 1 Y: 1V p-p (75Ω)
C: 286mV p-p (75Ω)
Component video Input:
RCA jack x 3 Y: 1V p-p (75Ω)
Pb/Cb: 700mV p-p (75Ω)
Pr/Cr: 700mV p-p (75Ω)
HDMI Input: [37MD350B] HDMI 19pin x 3
[32MD350B] HDMI 19pin x 2
Coaxial Digital audio Output:
RCA jack x 1 500mV p-p (75Ω)
Audio Output: RCA jack (L/R) x 2 500mV rms
Remote control:
Digital encoded infrared light system
Operating temperature:
41°F (5°C) to 104°F (40°C)
Power requirements:
120V~ AC +/- 10%, 60Hz +/- 0.5%
Power consumption (maximum):
LCD: 37 inches
Dimensions: <without stand> <with stand>
W: 35.9 inches (910.0mm) 35.9 inches (910.0mm)
H: 23.7 inches (600.0mm) 25.2 inches (638.0mm)
D: 5.1 inches (127.5mm) 10.2 inches
Weight: 27.74 lbs. (12.58kg) 29.92 lbs.
Power consumption (maximum):
LCD: 32 inches class (31.5 inches measured diagonally)
Dimensions: <without stand> <with stand>
W: 30.0 inches (760.0mm) 30.0 inches (760.0mm)
H: 20.5 inches (519.3mm) 22.2 inches (563.0mm)
D: 5.1 inches (127.5mm) 9.4 inches
Weight: 20.51 lbs. (9.30kg) 21.61 lbs.

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