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30 - 35ml coffee with
a thick golden crema on the surface
served short or long with a dash
of milk and/or a dollop of froth
long black
a full cup of espresso
3 espresso
3 steamed milk
3 froth
caffé latte
an espresso topped with steamed
milk and 10ml of froth
flat white
3 espresso
with remainder hot milk
Ph | 1800 800 255
A liquorish and dense blend of top quality
Brazilian and Central American Arabicas
with Asian robustas. You'll love the rich, full
bodied, chocolatey dark roasted flavour
with a persistent crema.
Strength -
Caffé Crema
100% Arabica blend with a sweet and
fragrant aroma composed of top-quality
Brazilian and Indian coffees. Yields a
sweet & velvety coffee with a persistent
aftertaste and a thick, golden crema.
Strength -
A blend that combines Brazilian and South
American coffee with the best varieties of
Indonesian robusta. This yields particularly
creamy coffee, with a long tasting, balanced
after taste.
Strength -
100% Arabica blend with a sweet & fragrant
aroma, composed of top-quality Brazilian
& Indian coffees. Yields a sweet, mild &
aromatic regular or long espresso, with a
persistent crema.
Strength -
A blend of excellent Arabica (40%) from
Brazil & Central America and Robusta (60%)
from Southeast Asia. Yields a particularly
round & creamy regular or long espresso,
with a balanced aftertaste.
Strength -
Espresso Decaffienato
Blend of Brazilian & Asian coffees,
which thanks to the innovative Lavazza
BLUE extraction system gives a full
sweet taste with a chocolatey finish & a
rich tasting crema.
Strength -
Decaffeinato Soave
100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian
coffees. Yields a mellow & sweet decaffeinated
regular or long espresso, with a slightly choco-
laty aftertaste & velvety crema.
Strength -
¡Tierra! coffee from Lavazza is a sustainable
coffee sourced from Honduras, Peru and
Colombia. It's 100% washed Arabica coffee,
highly aromatic, with lightly fruity acidity
making it delicate and sweet.
Strength -
Always heat 1/3 full of cold milk in the supplied jug first before making the coffee.
• Steam cold milk only to 60 degrees. Warm milk will not froth properly
• It is preferable to use pre-heated porcelain cups on the heating tray. A cold cup can drop the temp
of the coffee by 10ºC. The heated cup helps to retain the crema and let the aromas develop better.
Unit 1, 3 Faigh Street
Mulgrave VIC 3170

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