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Under no circumstances may the ap-
pliance be disposed of with normal
household waste. This product is
subject to the provisions of European
Directive 2002/96/EC.
Dispose of the appliance through an approved waste
disposal centre or at your community waste facility.
Observe the currently applicable regulations.
In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal
Disposal of batteries/cells
Used batteries/cells may not be disposed of in house-
hold waste. Every consumer is statutorily obliged to
dispose of batteries/cells at a collection site in their
community/city district or at a retail store.
The purpose of this obligation is to ensure that batte-
ries/cells are disposed of in a non-polluting manner.
Only dispose of batteries/cells when they are fully
Dispose of all packaging materials in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Warranty and Service
You receive a 3-year warranty for this appliance as
of the purchase date. This appliance has been manu-
factured with care and meticulously examined be-
fore delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of
purchase. In the case of a warranty claim, please
make contact by telephone with our service depart-
ment. Only in this way can a post-free despatch for
your goods be assured.
The warranty covers only claims for material and
manufacturing defects, not for wearing parts or for
damage to fragile components, e.g. buttons or bat-
teries. This product is for private use only and is not
intended for commercial applications.
In the event of misuse and improper handling, use of
force and interference not carried out by our autho-
rized service branch, the warranty will become
void. Your statutory rights are not restricted in any
way by this warranty.
Units 14-15
Bilston Industrial Estate
Oxford Street
WV14 7EG
Tel.: 0870/787-6177
Fax: 0870/787-6168
e-mail: support.uk@kompernass.com
Kompernass Service Ireland
Tel: 1850 930 412
(0,082 EUR/Min.)
Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary.
e-mail: support.ie@kompernass.com
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