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  • Im getting an E1 on the face. Flashes with the temperature but then displays the error. What does this mean Submitted on 10-2-2021 at 09:35

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  • I also have a homemaker air con which was working fine for a couple of years now remote has shit itself and also only seems to be blowing warm air out when on cold any suggestions? Submitted on 24-1-2021 at 04:18

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    • You need a universal remote control and you will probably need a air con technician to have a look at it. Answered on 24-1-2021 at 22:02

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  • I have 2 older Homemaker aircons - First one I can't switch on - it worked last week and the second one, I can't switch off - they are older models - is there a manual over-ride switch to switch it off. Changed the batteries in the Remote! Still on. Submitted on 2-12-2020 at 22:20

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    • I have a Homemarker Air Con and I had the same problem, couldn't switch it on, so I bought a universal
      remote control and it is working perfectly. Answered on 2-12-2020 at 22:55

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  • I have a Home marker Split Air Con Product Number HMASW-H24A4/EAs Model 15151 and my remote control does not work? I was told I need to get a Universal Remote Control. I have rung a few places but they supply to known brands and I don't want to buy one on line especially if it does not work. Has anyone else had this problem ? and what can I do about it? Submitted on 3-2-2020 at 23:06

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    • I have the same problem with my remote for my Homemaker split air conditioner. Just wondering if you have been able to solve your problem. Answered on 17-11-2020 at 04:33

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    • Yes, I went into Jayco who sell the universal remote controls and ask them if I can return the remote if it does not work and they said I can return it. When I got it home, my son programmed it into the Air Con and it worked!!!! Happy days as that save me buying a new one. Answered on 17-11-2020 at 04:37

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  • I am looking for a user manual for Homemaker Air conditioner Product Number HMASW H09A1/EA-2. Is anyone able to assist or point me in the right direction to find one please? Submitted on 10-1-2020 at 02:30

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  • I need a replacement interial unit fan (tubular style) for a Homemaker split system Air conditioner Model HMASW-H12A4/EA2 can anyone suggest where I might be able to get one from?

    Thank You
    Brian L, Perth, Western Australia e-mail Submitted on 1-7-2018 at 10:32

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  • My HMAS-h 12A4/EA2 reverse cycle not working. Unit remains in the cooling mode ? Submitted on 6-4-2018 at 03:57

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  • Unit displays E4 fault, do not know what it refers to Any advice would help! Submitted on 1-3-2018 at 13:25

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Product: HOMEMAKER Air conditioner

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