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Do not place heavy objects on top of the product.
Do not drop any hard objects or allow liquid to penetrate into the unit.
Regularly brush off dust on the circuit board, connectors, fans and DVR case. Turn off the power and
unplug the product before cleaning.
Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the unit or replace parts yourself.
Operating Environment:
Keep and use the product at temperatures between 0 °C ~40 °C. Keep it away from direct sunlight
or heat sources.
Do not install the unit in a humid environment.
Do not expose the product to a smoky or dusty area.
Avoid serious collision. Do not drop the device.
Install the product on a stable and level surface to prevent the device from falling.
Ensure the location planned for DVR installation is well ventilated. Do not block any openings.
Use the product only within the range of rated input/output.

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