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  • how many computers am i aloowed to atach to experia box Submitted on 24-4-2022 at 00:34

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  • How di I usethe scann function and where will the file be after scanning? Submitted on 6-4-2021 at 23:10

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  • On my samsung tab E
    The keyboard is not operational on any document. Submitted on 5-4-2021 at 11:55

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  • The image in the Preview screen on my Studio 21 has suddenly enlarged and now shows an enlarged picture of just the bottom left-hand corner of what should be showing. What do I 'click' to return it to 'normal'? Submitted on 3-4-2021 at 14:01

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  • Where will I find the serial number for my HP laserjet Pro MFP M28-M31 Printer Submitted on 22-3-2021 at 16:49

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  • I cannot see where to activate the keyboard on the screen. Can anybody help me, please? Thanks. Mario Submitted on 19-3-2021 at 20:35

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  • bonjour, la partie mobile du port ethernet extensible de mon Aspire 5 est brisée, est-ce que je peux la changer et où je peux m'en procurer merci Submitted on 18-3-2021 at 20:11

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  • Since I plugged in the new monitor, there's no SOUND anymore.
    How can I retrieve it ? Submitted on 28-2-2021 at 20:34

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  • On my ESPRIMO Q920 (Serial No YLQH023590) I have a "Line Out" jack (light blue) where there should have been "Mic" jack (pink) according to the manual! How is this possible? Is it then not possible to connect a microphone?
    Submitted on 24-2-2021 at 23:38

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