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Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

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    I've purchased Temeo MC weather station. I noticed that station synchronized despite I tried to turn off RSS option. What is the reason? How i can be sure that RSS is off? Submitted on 2-9-2018 at 10:55

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    ~-- ~ ~ tf~Ud -- :-\ -- - ~( ~--- r . i I I I I I USER'S MANUAL I C) c: W '" '" C!) C!) Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner MODEL IKFR-25GW IBGb KFR-35GW/BtGb ~ C\:::yUS " - .L LISTED AIR CONDITIONER 2MF3 = ...
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    [Instructions Please read to users) rl\~i ~lJ'[H~W1t1 , ~~~~ , I ."., \~II the "Instruction. Manual" carefully prior to the use of your air conditioner so as to ensure proper operations. Instructions for Installation Air conditioners are pieces of high value. In order to ensure your lawful rights and interests, the professional This Instruction technicians to do the installation for you. Manual is the universal-purpose version for the models please . of split wall-mounted air conditioners manufactured by our Co. The appearance of the units that you purchase might be slightly different the ones described in the Manual, but it does not affect your proper operations and usage. Please properly read carefully the sections so as to facilitate corresponding your reference to the specific have model you choose, from Make sure to have the professional install the units before you use. after-sale se ...
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    [The name of each part and its function] ~ Try to minimize the generation of heat during the operation '" of ~cooling. Do not use combusting apparatuses in the air-conditioned room. Do not place insecticides or paints and other flammable sprays near the air conditioner, or spray them directly at the air conditioner. ~ ' '. AdjUstthe conditioner, please cut off the power supply first. Never do the cleaning of the units when the fan is in highspeed operations. ~~ /' / I operation, the insertion ~ Properly adjust the up/down and left/right directions of the air flow so as to aet the even room temperature. on it. I Air outlet wireless remote controller f"'''''tim'~ I;AI} ""'""-,,~-"~ body, which is harmfulto your Outdoor Unit health. the supporting structures of Refrigerant Air discharge ~ Put down the power when the unit is not in use for long time so as to ensure might cause human inju ...
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    II . " 'I" [Operation and indication sections of remote controllerJ ~ mrn'o'li:!!~!D . [Use of remote controller] i CAUTION:restarting the unit mustwait 3 minutes OPERATIONMODEindicator (TEMPERATUREindicator) Indicates selected operation mode Indicates the set temperature, (it doesn't indicatetemperaturewhen operationmode AUTO MODE OPERATION PROCEDURE Operates by selecting automaticallythe operationmode (DRY,COOL,or HEAT) dependingon the room temperatureat starting. With the remotecontroller pointingthe air conditioner. is AUTO select.) ~ ( Fanspeedindicator) Indicates the selected air rate. TIMEindicator ( ON/OFFbutton PresstheON/OFFbutton. Whentheunitis notatAUTOSELECTmode. P~I .:: ...1 @ ~ 8:35r... Indicates selected flap mode. J 2 IPressthe MODEbutton. Set to "AUTOSELECT" OO/~f DuringTIMERoperation indicatorTIMER This button, when pressed, starts Duringnormaloperation indicatorP ...
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    PRESENTTIMESETTINGPROCEDURE Air flow direction adjustment procedure When cells are inserted, the present is automatically set to AM 12:00 EX:Set to AM 10:30 Adjusting up/down air flow direction Press the ClK button. Up/down direction can be adjusted by using the VANE CONTROL button on the remote controller. each time pressed, changes the mode in the following sequence: --(1) ."",..-(2) /(3) /(4) ! @ (5) 1 This button, (AUTO) Change to the VANE CONTROL mode. TO change the VANE CONTROL velocity press the FAN SPEED button. Each timethe button is pressed,fanspeed is changedin sequence,from. ( [La]" [Mid] IInf 000 ",'" ,",ca"", ,,"' In Adjusting left/right flow direction 000 '"",,~,'","'0"''' 000 '"'''''' .00.". LJ air horizontal VANE range. ball pen, etc. The time indicator is flickering and can set the nresent time. 2 Press the HOUR button. (Set to AM 10:) 3 Press the MIN button. (Set to 3 ...
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    ~]- - '-~~~ :II {II:. It is convenient to setthetimer for the timewhenyougo to bed ,whenyouget home,whenyou get up , ecl. .. [Methods of Maintenance] ( , How to set the ON timer ) Pressthe AUTOSTARTbuttonto set the on timer The air conditioner must be turned off power before the maintenance is to be carried out. modeduringoperation. Eachtimethe buttonis pressed,theONtimermodealternatesbetween ONandOFF. Before the season of operation During the season of operation The cleaning of the ale f,lter sereeo (SI"dard Set the time of the timer using the HOUR and MIN buttons. a "'f := '€>! @' ffJ~l!i ., ",,(iJ!i!"' Checkif there are any blockingmaterials in the intakeand outletventsof the indoor and outdoorunits. Eachtimethe HOURbutton is pressed,the Settimeis counted up by 1 hour; eachtimethe "MIN"buttonis pressed,the settimeis countedby 10 minutes. " CLOeR 'PM'" D ( . To releasetheONtimer: PresstheAUTOSTAR ...
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    ~--[Treatment at service call] . - . -,' .,.- !!!!!!;J Pleasecheckthe followingbeforerequestingafter-saleservicefromyourdealer. Theairconditionerdoesnotoperateat all . Is the timesetto Is therea power Is the powerin an failureor a blown "ON"position? outlet? fu? .@ '" 1"7DD Roomtemperaturecan'tbecontrolled. (Toocoldortoo hot) Is the roomtemperaturesettingtoo low or too high? The unit can not be restartedjust after shut down. ( RUN lamp is illuminating) " "- ../ 1: Poorcoolingor heatingperformance. -- I I \ ...... Restartis stoppedfor 3 minutesafter shut down to protect the unit. .. ~ I I ~ (Not operate \ r- Three-minute protection timer incorporated in the microcomputer actuates automatically. Except that power is connected, this function does not actuate. ~~o Is the roomtemperature Arethe airfilters Arethewindow(s)and settingsuitable? .. clean(Notclogged)? door(~)o~ened? I [We hope you wi ...
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    , ... ,... ~ =',," ...

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